" To be an actor you have to have a certain amount of madness in you "

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"I wasn't born an actress, but I was certainly born dramatic"

Humor along with her beauty and unique charisma distinguish Tatiana Merheb the mother, the wife and the actress. Her undoubtedly humor turned heads first at the “Comedy Night” where she played for several seasons and then she proved herself in drama in a long list of major roles and appearances in TV series (Dentelle, Mayada Wa Wilada, Awlad Adam, Ikhtirak, Majnoun Fiki, Prova, Kol El Hob Kol El Gharam, Tarik, Samra, Solo El Layl El Hazin, Wajaa El Rouh, Amalia, Al Eishk El Majnoun, Sabaya and Wa Ashrakat El Shams).

She’s also known for her hit movies Infiltration (2019), One Hour and 35 Minutes (2019) and One Hour and a Half (2018).

Tatiana Merheb born and raised in “Beirut” won the title of Miss Barbie at the age of eight, and later at the age of sixteen she was crowned as miss expatriates. Has several remarkable contributions on the stage singing and dancing.

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